Saturday, February 21, 2009

Snow, Studios and Something Else.

We have been pretty busy boys so far this year.

In January we did what you might call an "intimate showcase" for Friend Of The Band Astri Gryt´s birthday. Our 6 song acoustic set went down so well we were approached by Oslo super-producer-extraordinaire Fredrik Baden. Well, actually, we approached him but he looked pretty into it. It was dark though, now I think of it.

Freddy seems to be embarrasingly multi-talented as an instrumentalist and a top notch producer to boot. You can hear his string arrangements and jazz drumming, I think, here -

We went to the studio with intention of improving the sound we have so far and thanks to Freddy we feel like we´ve managed that. Murilo I love you has drums and some strings added to it and though the track is far from the finished article, we´re very pleased that we´re moving in the general direction of what is a very specific sound we have in mind. The new version is up on our myspace.

We´re now looking to work with Freddy and we´re editing some interesting videos that we hope to have up here in the coming days and weeks.

Stay cool, and look after yourselves. And each other.