Friday, February 5, 2010

Gig @ John Dee, Tonight, 21.30

Hi folkens,

A really interesting first month of the year for Casa Murilo. We´ve been getting radio play in a few different places, including P3 here in Norway and our first radio interview was the day of the Skuret gig with Fear The Mutiny, which was awesome. The earthquake in Haiti had happened a few days earlier and together with FTM we decided to give all the money we made at the door and from EP sales to the Norwegian Red Kross. The whole night went great and the place was rammed. We ended up making just over 8000 kr which is nowt to be sniffed at. Those who feel compelled to contribute right now (to the Red Cross, not to us, alas and alack) are welcome to click here.

We´re all really looking forward to our gig tonight for "Rock Mot Kreft", or "Rock against Cancer". We´re playing with Bundolo and Hiawata. Doors open at 21:00 and we´re on stage at 21:30 sharp, so be sure to get there on time, kids.

Much love