Tuesday, August 18, 2009

`99 Problems and a Rap Collective Most Certainly is One´

So last weeks time in the studio was interrupted somewhat by a gaggle of rappers who were shooting a music video in the recording room. I´m not 100% sure that `gaggle´ is the correct collective term for rappers but I don´t think i´m far off.

Anyway, what with all the slightly offensive yet rather catchy commotion going on for what turned out to be 4 or 5 hours we now find ourselves back on the first floor of the Oslo Jewish Museum putting the finishing touches to our EP, which you should all know the name of by now! (perhaps the first person to leave the correct answer in the comment box can have a free copy once we are done..)

In the meantime, here are some pictures from last week..


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

In the Studio.....

Time is flying by this week and things are going great in the studio. We played an amazing gig last night which we can talk more about later, until then please enjoy the first ever Casa Murilo video blog entry. As Denis Irwin used to say, `a picture speaks a thousand words.....´

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Global Takeover feat. eardrumsmusic.com

During yesterday´s Olympic Gold Medal winning studio session we exchanged kind words with Knut of eardrums, an excellent Scandinavian music blog.

Sometime yesterday he had a listen to our demos 19th Floor and Drunken Promises (click to download) and he was apparently very impressed. In fact, so impressed that he asked if we´d like to be involved in a global project called the "Music Alliance Pact", where once a month bloggers from all over the world share a song from the country they cover and all the bloggers involved simultaneously post all the tracks. Regardless of whether or not that made any sense, check out the last "MAP" post right here.

The "MAP" post that will feature "19th Floor" is to be posted worldwide on the 15th of August.

Writing from the studio, your friendly global superstars,

Casa Murilo

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Day 1 In The Studio

They say the first day in the studio is the toughest.

You arrive with grand designs but soon realise that the majority of time you spend making a quality record is in waiting around twiddling thumbs while the people who actually know what they´re doing set up lots of expensive equipment. That´s a fair description, I´d say. "They" can be very astute.

Attached are two photos. The first is of Dan and Håkon at rehearsal. Enjoy. The second is a fantastic 1970s Analogue Tape Deck that we are using to record the EP. The photograph also features a fan, one of many devices we employed to stop the tape deck from exploding in the extreme heat of the studio. We even had to get some special technician guy in to try to fix the cooling system buried deep in the dusty recesses of the beast. Today was very hot indeed.

We are very pleased indeed with how the process is going. We´ve had some very kind messages and a most pleasing response from our mailing list. We´ve even been in contact with some nice blog people, including Kurt at www.eardrumsmusic.com who you might be hearing more about soon.

All is well. Sleep soundly you good people.

Dan, Chris, Freddy and Rudi

Friday, August 7, 2009

Free MP3 of "Drunken Promises"

Tomorrow is the big day.

To celebrate we´re giving you lucky people the 2nd of the two demos we recorded in June, "Drunken Promises". Free and for nothing. If you like it then by all means send us an email with the title "My goodness me, this music marvellous! Add me to the mailing list forthwith!" and we´ll know what to do.

Here it is in all its glory. Download Free MP3 of "Drunken Promises"

Attached are a few photos from what was a monster 16 hour one day session to get these two songs done. We now have more of an idea of what we do and dont want and have booked 6 days to do 5 songs, which according to my calculations will make our EP 116% better than the demo. Sounds good, right?

Remember to go here to download "19th Floor", here to follow us on twitter and we´ll be updating regularly from the studio with all kinds of fascinating things so you´d do well to subscribe to the blog via your RSS reader of choice. The boys in the band use google reader. Google it.

FYI, the gentleman on keyboards in the attached image is one Håkon "King Of The Keys" Moller. A good man. He will be joining us in the studio this week to make sweet, sweet music.

Good things.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Liverpool nil

A few months ago now we started working with a very talented friend of ours, Sindre Olav Edland-Gryt. We wanted to design a logo for the band or rather, we wanted to find someone who had the ability to design one for us!

After an evening spent discussing what Casa Murilo is all about and drinking a fair amount of beer in the process, Sindre went away to his secret sketching lair to begin his work.

A month or two later he emerged from his hideaway looking exhausted but with sketches in hand and the result of his incredibly hard work can be seen at the top of the page.

We are all very pleased with the results and thankful to Sindre for all of his hard work and commitment, we literally couldn´t have done it without him........

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Feriefestivalen 2009

So its been a long time has it not?

Apologies for being rather quiet on the blogging front over the past few weeks, but we have been exceptionally busy.

On the 23rd July we made our first ever festival appearance at Feriefestivalen 2009 in Molde, Norway. It was an fantastic weekend filled with lots of great music, ice cold beers and new friends.

Our home for the duration of our stay was Bård Watn´s beautiful house, Casa Murilo´s best friend was the artist in residence at the festival and not once during any of his 6 sets did he disappoint the ever faithful crowd.

We played two sets over the weekend, the first being on the 23rd at 2300hrs in a cave! It was perhaps the strangest and most exciting stage we have ever played on, hidden amongst the trees behind a beautiful house and built by Russian prisoners of war under the ever watchful eye of the Nazis! Our acoustic set was the first ever gig in the cave and I think we did a pretty good job, the sound was great and the crowd all seemed to have their singing voices with them.

Our second set came on Saturday 25th on the outdoor stage and, whilst not quite as intimate as the Nazi cave had been, was really good fun despite the wind and rain moving in about ten minutes before we arrived on stage. A big thank you is owed to all of you who braved the conditions to sing and dance along.

I have no doubt that next year´s festival will be even better and we are all looking forward to making the trip north again (if we are invited!).

Eivind Fadnes, the festivalsjef deserves a massive thank you for all of his hard work in making Feriefestivalen 2009 a huge success as do the following people, who also helped Eivind along the way and worked incredibly hard the entire weekend

Astrid Maria Fadnes Hidalgo
Yngvild Gotaas Torvik
Daniel Dalmo Moltubak
Rikke Bendixen
Cathrine Fosseide

Andreas F Sorensen
Jørgen Krogset Dalene
Gaute Hoem

Anders Leikarnes