Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Milestones etc.

As I´m sure everybody is aware, we have 1963 profile views on myspace. Smashing.

2000 is but a few days away if all goes well. In celebration of this historic event I think it is fitting that we should offer a prize.

Anybody that can prove that they are the 2000th viewer or viewess of the page will win a small bag of Smash.

This offer is only open to those residing in Norway. Oslo to be precise.

Its 1965 views now........


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Rolls and a no.19

Happy day? I have. Now your turn.

We have been finishing off a few songs tonight in Krumgata HQ. They are on Myspace for your listening pleasure. Please enjoy.

Oslo is a beautiful place to be right now, Spring is on its way and the snow is slowly disappearing. I hope. With Easter on the way and soft yellow birds jumping out of eggs the world over, we have managed to hatch a fluffy little soldier of our own. We now have a bass player to add to our burgeoning arsenal of musicians.

We went to watch Tommy Tokyo and Starving For My Gravy at Park Teatret in Oslo last Saturday, it was an incredible show and you should all open a new window in your browser immediately and go to to check him out. He is playing in Brighton soon so all you folks back home should make a date in your diaries.

I think thats all for now, hope you like the new songs.

Hugs and Kisses

Casa Murilo

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mr Magnificent

Good evening all.

We have added a new song to the myspace, Mr Magnificent. Its very much a work in progress but we thought it might be nice to air a little taster. The song is about a dear friend of ours from Salvador who helped make Brazil the magical mystery tour that it was, had it not been for Esmeraldo Rodrigues, Casa Murilo may never have existed. Boo hoo.

All is progressing well here in Oslo and we are hoping to return to the studio soon to record some more mega hits with musical magician Fredrik Baden. Keep an eye out for the new songs, which we will of course add to the myspace as soon as they are ready.

Any other business? Yes. Its Dan´s birthday soon. Happy birthday Dan. It is also the lovely Linda Pettersen´s birthday tomorrow. Happy birthday Linda.

Love and Peace.

Casa Murilo

In a Murilo Shaped Nutshell

Casa Murilo, based in Oslo, is a band headed by the songwriting partnership of two Englishmen; Chris Winfield and Dan Hesketh.

Dan and Chris spent two years living, working, dancing and indulging in the extraordinary city of Salvador da Bahia, Brasil.

On NYE 2007 they conspired, along with singer/songwriter Ross Holmes, sadly still in Salvador, to take their promising early songwriting efforts more seriously and declared that together they would dedicate themselves to developing their songwriting skills, forming a band and would eventually tour South America in a VW Camper van.

Little did they know that they would have to head back to Europe before their journey could begin in earnest.

During their years in Latin America, the two had the good fortune to see, hear and know first hand the kindness, danger, artistry and disorder that are all part of Salvador. They experienced innumerable miraculous events that would change their lives, not least of which those that would take them to Oslo in the summer of 2008.

Now in 2009, the two are striving to complete work on their debut EP "The Waldemar Thranes Debacle", filled with songs inspired by these events and are looking to recruit further members to Casa Murilo with an eye to performing as much as possible in the summer.