Friday, September 25, 2009

Casa Murilo Loves Kasper......

There are some great photos from Monday´s gig at Cafe Mono thanks to our favourite blogger/photographer/friend Kasper Landmark. You can look at them here.

We are spending a few hours sorting out our acoustic set for Sunday´s gig at Cafe Sør this evening and putting the finishing touches to our EP package which may very well be available at Sundays show. Bring loads of money.

Have fun


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cafe Mono, Haribo and a King

Well that went well didn´t it? If you were not able to make it to Cafe Mono on Monday to watch our first gig as a mighty six piece then you will have to take our word for it. I didn´t forget my lines, Dan remembered his dance moves and Freddy, well Freddy is always spot on.

Monday saw the debut of our fantastic new bass player Sturla Hinze (pictured), who is now sitting comfortably on board the Casa Murilo bullet train. We also played our newest song, `Button Up´which seemed to go down very well with the crowd who were on top form as always. Thanks a lot to all of you.

I feel the need to give a special mention to the two very cool guys from LA that were in the crowd. I guess you are among the first Americans to catch our live show so cheers, we love you! Feel free to arrange an American tour for us, I´m free all week.....

So the next show we have is on Sunday at Cafe Sør where we are playing with Bård Watn. Its an acoustic show but we will all be there banging various drums and what have you.

See you there? Hope so.



Sunday, September 13, 2009

A first listen to the new EP

Friday was the last day in the studio. It took us a little longer than we expected, but not a minute of the time we spent in the studio was wasted and, thinking back to our initial expectations of what we would get down on tape, we are very satisfied with what we came out with. To be honest, it´s a little disorienting to be finished. We spent a long time thinking about it as an organic thing that could be influenced as we went along and now it is unchangeable. Finished. Anyway, we really like it and we hope you do too.

So, we´ve put 3 tracks up on myspace for you to listen to. Click here to listen. Feel free to let us know what you think.

As usual, lots of good things are also happening right now. We´re putting together an EP package for people to buy at our concerts. We´re still not sure of whether to do a big release and get it distributed. We could do it ourselves but it would take a lot of administrative time and effort that would perhaps be better spent on developing as a band. This experience in the studio has been huge for us. We have a really exciting vision for the music we want to make and the band we want to be and, although we really like what we do now, we know that we have some serious work ahead of us. To do the work that we think the record justifies in terms of all the business end of stuff - the printing, distribution, promotion, legal stuff - might be counter productive for us at this point if we do it ourselves. Strange times. There are tons of options to get online distribution very quickly and easily, mind. We´ll sort something out I´m sure.

Big news this week is the tram gig on Saturday 19th. We´re playing on a tram with The Little Hands Of Asphalt here in Oslo from 19.00 til 21.00 ish. I know. In addition, a gig on Monday 21st September at Mono. They say it´s a big deal. Woooh! Check them out as well, they are great.

Freddy has done us an Urørt site. Check it.

In the meantime, we have a new member, Sturla, on bass. That´s a damn fine Norwegian name if I ever heard one. Remember to pronounce the u as in "WOOOHH!". That takes us to Fredrik, Rudi, Håkon and Sturla. A quite frankly preposterous selection of names.

Follow us on twitter to keep up with gig info,there´s a good girl.

Stay cool and remember to always celebrate good times. Ahthankingyooou.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

South Africa 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen.

The EP is nearing completion (still!), by the end of today we should be holding a finished record of 5 good songs. Amazing. It still needs to be mastered and partnered with some lovely artwork but the hard part is done.

We are coming along nicely on the gig front and have several shows lined up over the next month or two with more to follow. As previously mentioned, a gig at Cafe Mono is one of the highlights, as well as gigs on a tram and a boat. Hopefully we can cover all modes of transport by the year´s end, if you have any suggestions for us then please let us know.

So, the dates we have for gigs at this point are.....

Saturday 19th September - Tram - Somewhere in Oslo (we´ll let you know when we know)
Monday 21st September - Cafe Mono - Tickets are 80kr.
Sunday 27th September - Cafe Sør - with HRH Bård Watn
Saturday 24th October - OD Festivalen - Fredrikstad.

At some point in October we will also be playing on MS Innvik with Bård and Lisa in the charity event of the year and an exciting show at Samfunnet in Bislett. Stay posted kids.

Bands I have been listening to recently include - Mewithoutyou, The Antlers, Sunset Rubdown, Cymbals Eat Guitars and Les Savy Fav. Enjoy. I imagine that Baddiel and Skinner feat. The Lightning Seeds will soon be joining that list.

See you soon.


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Finishing in the studio

We´re hoping that tomorrow will see the final day of mixing the EP "The Waldemar Thranes Debacle". That´s 27 days for 5 tracks. We´ve learned an incredible amount in that period and we are a much better band for the experience. We´ve also managed to get quite a few gigs lined up including Mono on Monday September 19th, which I´m assured is quite a coup.

We´ve spent the last two days mixing and making editorial decisions for a song called "Murilo I Love You". It was arguably the biggest challenge for us to get MILY to a place we were satisfied with and after much wizardry from Vegard, our producer, some quality decision making from the lads and some input from a special guest, I think we´ve achieved that. We asked a fella called Eivind Schou, ex-Serena Maneesh to play some violin for us and he delivered something that hardly sounds like a violin but does a fantastic job for the song. You´ll hear it soon enough but that monstrous noise that goes through the whole thing is his work.

In other news, we think we´ve got a new bass player (Rudi will be playing the electric guitar. And very well I might add), we think we might have found someone to do photography for us called Tor - check his website here Also gigs galore.

The next big step is to make promotional copies of the EP to send out to people. We´re still not sure whether to self release the record or to form some kind of partnership with one of the many, excellent indie labels here in Oslo. Self releasing would be a great thing to do because we´d get to set up our own company, deal with a lot of the business end of things personally and learn a huge amount in the process. Of course, it´s a lot of hard work and we also want to devote a lot of our time to writing and developing as musicians. Other people with the experience and expertise in this industry that we don´t have yet would undoubtedly be an asset too. Whether we end up doing it with someone else or not, we´re coming up with ideas for how to best get into the hands of people who can actually make decisions and help us. You´ll be the first to see the results.

Live long and prosper

Casa Murilo