Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Last Gig Of The Year?

How times flies. It doesn´t seem that long ago that Dan and I were sat in my living room, stripped down to our underwear, writing songs and working out how on earth we were going to find musicians to play with us. Especially if we were only wearing pants. Anyway, we got dressed, found Freddy, Rudi, Sturla and Håkon and here we are. One year on.

This coming Friday we are playing what is likely to be our last show of 2009. Its at Betong, Chateau Neuf and could very well be our biggest gig to date. The Facebook event is here.

In other news, I cooked a fantastic roast dinner yesterday. Slightly upsetting that it took nearly three hours to make and only fifteen minutes to eat. Next time I´ll use smaller cutlery.

Oh yeah. We also got played on the radio for the first time ever last night. Big deal. Should have put that above the news about the roast really. A very cool Manchester/Salford based station called Salford City Radio played Mr Magnificent on their Sunday evening show called Unsigned, Sealed and Delivered. Thanks to Paul and Zac for that. You can join their Facebook group here.

Fredrik "so good they named him twice" Baden went to the "Grand" opening of Elkjøp earlier today but I don´t think anything caught his eye so he came home empty handed.

Norwegians: See you Friday
Everyone else: See you soon



Saturday, November 21, 2009

Her Name Is Rio...

Last night we played at Samfunnet in Bislet, I´m pretty sure that I speak for the whole band when I say that it was the best show we have ever played. We had an awesome night, good people = good times.

Two new songs were in the set yesterday, "Low Marie" and "Tall Tales and Tissues", if you were at the show then we hope you liked them. If you didn´t come along then hopefully we will have something up on Myspace pretty soon. We feel really good about them and can´t wait to play them again which, if you are interested, will be next Friday at Betong, Chateau Neuf.

If you get a spare minute or two tonight then use it to send best wishes to the one and only Mr Ross Holmes, he has just moved to Rio from Salvador. Its a hard life.

Hope you are settling in well bro, big love from Norway.

Okay, I´m off to make dinner. I think I´ll be listening to Mumford & Sons, Port O´Brien and Jocelyn as I cook up yet another culinary delight. And Springsteen of course.

Be good.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Lie Back And Think Of England

Now begins our glorious Norwegian winter. Casa Murilo is almost 1 year old and as usual good things are happening.

First off, let´s get some links out of the way. Here is a video of our show at Revolver for the good folks at Operation Dagsverk, a charidee that organises a paid day at work for young people who then donate the money to a cause of "OD"s choosing. All very groovy I´m sure you´ll agree.

A medium to big size deal for your friendly neighbourhood superstars Casa Murilo is this week´s release of the "Oslo! 2" compilation on Spoon Train Audio records, a compilation of bands from Oslo. We at Casa Murilo HQ are proselytic subscribers to the theory that a rising tide lifts all ships, i.e. that what is good for us is good for the "Oslo Indie Scene" and vice versa. I´m not convinced that there is an "Oslo Indie Scene" as such, there´s not much to unify the bands on the record, but if there isn´t a scene then one must be defined ant categorised etc before it can be said to exist. Which is surely the point of the CD. Anyway, it´s good and we´re very happy to be involved.

Reviews of Oslo 2 are here (NO), here and here (both ENG).

The Waldemar Thranes Debacle (or "debarcle" - bloody southerners) has picked up another nice review and we might be getting some local radio play in Brighton of all places. Which is very nice.

In other news, gig Friday 20th November at Samfunnet, Bislett with
JKD & The One-Egged Bastards (JKD is a rapper and he will have a band numbering somewhere around 10. Yes really) and another gig at Chateau Neuf on the 27th with Motorgruppa

We´re also writing some new material at the moment. Obviously it´s amazing.


Monday, November 9, 2009

A Boat and a Bout Of Flu

Sorry we have been so quiet over the past few weeks. Gigs, illness and visits from abroad have been the main reasons for this. We shall improve....

Talking of gigs, our busy schedule which involved six gigs in ten days went very well, thanks to everyone who came out to see us,, we had a great time. The show we arranged for Kirkens Bymisjon on MS Innvik was probably my personal favourite, a good crowd turned out for the evening and everything about the show was perfect. A big thank you is owed to Innvik, Bård, Lisa, the lighting guy (sorry, I forget your name) and Vegard, our sound guy and of course producer on the EP. All of you who came along can also take much of the credit for the 10,000kr that we raised for Kirkerns Bymisjon, amazing job.

We have also played 3 gigs for OD recently, two of which were at Revolver, Oslo. There is a video on our Myspace from one of these if you are interested. We really appreciate being asked to help out OD and all the guys that organized the events did an absolutely awesome job, congratulations.

So next on the list for Casa Murilo is a gig at Samfunnet, Bislett on 20th November. That´s a Friday. Party? Ja.

See you soon.