Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Peer Gynt

Casa Murilo drummer Fredrik "So good they named him twice" Baden is a very busy man these days. When he isn´t providing the beats on stage for us he is working at the Nye Teater on a production of Henrik Ibsen´s play Peer Gynt. Freddy controls the music for most of the show and does a very good job indeed.

I went to see the show last Saturday and, despite the slight language barrier, have to say that I was completely blown away. Svein Sturla Hungnes´adaptation is very entertaining, moving and funny and really involves the audience.

I cannot recommend this play enough and you should do your best to go and see it before its run finishes on 7th November.

Good job Freddy...


Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Busy Week Ahead..

Good Dag!

Next week is shaping up to be quite an adventure. We have five gigs in the space of ten days. I better start drinking my fish oil by the pint.

The who, what, where and when is as follows....

19/10 - MS Innvik, Oslo - 19:30
20/10 - Fairtrade Konsert på Egertorget - 18:00

21/10 - Revolver - 20:30
24/10 - OD Festivalen, St. Croix Huset, Fredrikstad - 18:00
29/10 - Revolver (OD Dagen) - 23:30

The gig on Monday is for Kirkens Bymisjon, we are charging 100kr for entry with all of the money raised being donated to the aforementioned charity. Friends of the band Bård Watn and Lisa Smith Walaas will also be playing and the schedule of events is something like this...

20:00 - 20:20 - Lisa Smith Walaas

20:25 - 20:40 - Presentation from Kirkens Bymisjon

21:00 - 21:30 - HRH Bård Watn med band

21:45 - 22:15 - Casa Murilo

Invite all your friends via the Facebook group and let´s make sure we all have a good time.

In case you haven´t done so yet, you can download our EP from out Urørt page. Enjoy.

See you soon ladies and gentlemen.

CM. x

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Our First Review.

How lovely. Our EP has had its first thorough going over by an outside party and its come out the other end relatively unscathed. The excellent music blog Birds Sometimes Dance and its mastermind André Lersveen have written their thoughts here.

For UK based friends, you might be interested to hear that we are also featured in this months edition of Clash Music Magazine. We are on some kind of essentials list. Are we essential? Like an umbrella on a rainy day? You decide.

I have been listening to the Fanfarlo record `Reservoir´for the past few days. Its fantastic. I urge you to go and listen now. Unless your busy.

And thats about it for now. We are currently finalizing the details for the charity event of the year on MS Innvik with Bård and Lisa, so stay posted for more info. Its going to be on the 19th October. Diaries out.

Have it good