Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 Can´t Dance Like Me

Seriously though. Welcome to 2010, everyone.

We have big plans for 2010, which will come as no surprise to those of you who read this blog regularly. Our company now officially exists which is great news, we just need to come up with a name and work out how to make it into a record company so we can start doing the fun stuff. Speaking of which, we´ve asked a wonderful artist, Ms Mari Østby Kjøll to do some art work for us with a view to using it for the official release of the record and perhaps some other stuff. I believe we referred to her brief after a few beers as "to begin the development of the Casa Murilo visual aesthetic". She´s great and you can see some of her wonderful work here.

We have a few gigs lined up, first we´re playing at Skuret on January 22nd and then we´ll be supporting Hiawata! for a gig to support Rock Mot Kreft (Rock Against Cancer). That´s February 5th at John Dee, which will be the biggest stage we´ve played yet. It´s a really good thing for us to be starting to move up a little bit. Certainly feels like progress.

We´re in a good place and plans are in place. There is much work to do.

Good day!

P.S. allscandinavian included us in their ones to watch in Norway 2010. Check it out here.