Sunday, May 23, 2010

Gig @ Garage Monday 24th May


How´s it going? Summer is here and building an impressive innings. Things are good, as usual.

First off, gig tomorrow at Garage, on stage 21.00 ish. Kom igjen og bli med, folkens. We are looking forward. The usual Casa Murilo prize of a bag of smash goes to anyone who can spot the changes we´ve made to "Button Up". And yes, it is a real prize. No one in the band is allowed to enter the competition, I promise. Event HERE

I don´t know if I´ve announced this to the world yet but we are making a record, an album, with a proper record company. I know, I know. Awesome. We´re doing the album in two sessions, one in May and one in August. The first session is now done, actually. It went really well and we´re predictably excited by the results. We´re now writing new material which is exciting and cool and doesnt make us feel under pressure. I, for one, welcome the responsibility of producing really good songs from thin air. It´s fine, actually. Our group therapist has suggested going paintballing which sounds like a good laugh.

There´ll be much more on the record making stuff over summer, don´t you worry. We´re really happy to be doing this and we feel we´ve come a long way pretty quickly. Making a "proper" record is a good place to be.

Now go outside, it´s sunny.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Daniel Hesketh, 27 Today!

Its not very often that Danny H has a birthday, so when he does it is cause for huge celebration. 27 years ago today an adorably oversize baby was introduced to the world. He would go on to achieve great things.

Dan shares a birthday with many stars from the entertainment world, including his idol and lookalike Eddie Murphy. In my mind there is only one Passenger 57.

Have an awesome day mate, your triumphant return to Oslo will be marked by having a massive party on May 17th. Word on the street is that the King will get involved.

Please raise your glasses to Mr Leeds 2010, Daniel Paul Gregory Hesketh.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Website, Farewell, sweet blog?

Hi all, is up and running, made by Freddy B´s fair hand. Freddy rules.

Here´s a brief overview of what we´ve been doing in the last six weeks:

a By:Larm gig at Gloria Flames which went really well. It was packed, we had them jumping so much that all the glasses on the bar were shaking around which, allegedly, has never happend before. Which is nice.

Another Haiti relief charity gig at Samfundet, Bislett. We did an interview with a local paper and our photo was in it. We´ve hit the big time! Thanks for coming.

We had an interview and a live performance on TV for a program (channel?) called Uka TV. You can find the song on our video page HERE. The interview is somewhere in the mists of Norwegian intertubes.

We also have a new member of the Casa Murilo team, the mighty Birgit Nedreberg who is helping us out with loads of things, including booking and promotion. She is a champ.

Now we´re getting ready to support the fantastic Kråkesølv (Norwegian letters are cool) on 2 dates, Saturday 20th March at Sort og Blå Scene in Porsgrunn and Friday 26th at Kroa i Bø, in Bø i Telemark. We think they´re great and can´t wait to play.

That´s where we´re at. The website is and we´ll be using that in future. Which makes me wistful. Perhaps this is not the end

Friday, February 5, 2010

Gig @ John Dee, Tonight, 21.30

Hi folkens,

A really interesting first month of the year for Casa Murilo. We´ve been getting radio play in a few different places, including P3 here in Norway and our first radio interview was the day of the Skuret gig with Fear The Mutiny, which was awesome. The earthquake in Haiti had happened a few days earlier and together with FTM we decided to give all the money we made at the door and from EP sales to the Norwegian Red Kross. The whole night went great and the place was rammed. We ended up making just over 8000 kr which is nowt to be sniffed at. Those who feel compelled to contribute right now (to the Red Cross, not to us, alas and alack) are welcome to click here.

We´re all really looking forward to our gig tonight for "Rock Mot Kreft", or "Rock against Cancer". We´re playing with Bundolo and Hiawata. Doors open at 21:00 and we´re on stage at 21:30 sharp, so be sure to get there on time, kids.

Much love

Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 Can´t Dance Like Me

Seriously though. Welcome to 2010, everyone.

We have big plans for 2010, which will come as no surprise to those of you who read this blog regularly. Our company now officially exists which is great news, we just need to come up with a name and work out how to make it into a record company so we can start doing the fun stuff. Speaking of which, we´ve asked a wonderful artist, Ms Mari Østby Kjøll to do some art work for us with a view to using it for the official release of the record and perhaps some other stuff. I believe we referred to her brief after a few beers as "to begin the development of the Casa Murilo visual aesthetic". She´s great and you can see some of her wonderful work here.

We have a few gigs lined up, first we´re playing at Skuret on January 22nd and then we´ll be supporting Hiawata! for a gig to support Rock Mot Kreft (Rock Against Cancer). That´s February 5th at John Dee, which will be the biggest stage we´ve played yet. It´s a really good thing for us to be starting to move up a little bit. Certainly feels like progress.

We´re in a good place and plans are in place. There is much work to do.

Good day!

P.S. allscandinavian included us in their ones to watch in Norway 2010. Check it out here.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Casa Murilo Advent Calendar #15


Monday, December 15, 2008


This is the first post from Casa Murilo. Obviously.

It´s the Monday night in December after our first gig on Friday. It went really well. Just me and Chris on acoustics at Chateau Neuf, Oslo University. The search for the rest of the musicians starts January.

We´ve got 4 songs up on our myspace, link below, that we´ve written and recorded in the past month or so. We´ve also got Yellow Umbrellas posted on an unsigned music chart site called Cherry Peel where we´ve been getting some positive responses.

We´re feeling good about where we´re at here in Oslo. Life´s looking pretty sweet for us both to be honest. We´ll be going back to Blighty for Christmas.

It is exactly 1 year since we met. How romantic. I´m off to buy flowers.

Casa Murilo

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Casa Murilo Advent Calendar #13

There is one man in Casa Murilo who towers above all others. The man is a giant. 6ft 3 inches of pure musical muscle. That man is Rudi Leo Johan Johansen.

Rudi started off as the bass player for our early gigs. He took no time at all to gel with the band and instantly became a vital member of Casa Murilo. We didn´t even know that he was primarily a guitarist, partly due to the fact that he seemed like such a natural bassist.

Soon enough Rudi spoke up about his desire to step down from the bass take to the stage as lead guitarist, once we had heard him play we could hardly say no.

Despite his menacing appearance, Mr Johansen is quite safe to approach so, should you see him out on the streets this winter, I encourage you to go over and say hello. You could even give him a high five and, who knows, he might let you touch his axe.