Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Casa Murilo Advent Calendar #13

There is one man in Casa Murilo who towers above all others. The man is a giant. 6ft 3 inches of pure musical muscle. That man is Rudi Leo Johan Johansen.

Rudi started off as the bass player for our early gigs. He took no time at all to gel with the band and instantly became a vital member of Casa Murilo. We didn´t even know that he was primarily a guitarist, partly due to the fact that he seemed like such a natural bassist.

Soon enough Rudi spoke up about his desire to step down from the bass take to the stage as lead guitarist, once we had heard him play we could hardly say no.

Despite his menacing appearance, Mr Johansen is quite safe to approach so, should you see him out on the streets this winter, I encourage you to go over and say hello. You could even give him a high five and, who knows, he might let you touch his axe.

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