Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Gig Tonight @ Fugazi w/ Lars Horntveth and Martin Hagfors

Bon apres-midi.

Ce soir sees the return of Casa Murilo to the scene of our most recent and probably most triumphant gig - Fugazi. We played there on Oslo Music Day and it was terrific.

We´re supporting Lars Horntveth (of Jaga Jazzist), Martin Hagfors and Seven Doors Hotel. We´re on at 21.00.

In other news we´re creating a masterplan to have us in a really great position for By:Larm 2010 in February. Step 1. will be to record our debut EP "The Waldemar Thranes Debacle" in August and release it in September. Good times here we come.

(Image courtesy of Mr Terence Winfield)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Free MP3 of "19th Floor"

Lots of wonderful people have asked if they can have our mp3s at our last few gigs and we are now happy to say that you can download "19th Floor" right here. If we at Casa Murilo HQ are not mistaken, you can also listen to the song in the fancy box below. Oh yes.

An apparently excellent Norwegian blogger and photographer by the name of Kasper Landmark was at our Oslo Music Day show last week and has posted a great Flickr stream of us. The photo above is his, check his blog here. He´s very good.

We are moving forward on all fronts. This summer will be devoted to getting us in the place we need to be to make the most of the release of "The Waldemar Thranes Debacle" EP in September. We´ve got loads of exciting things going on and you can read about them in previous posts but for now, feel free to download "19th Floor" and share with your friends.

Enjoy the summer. Big love.

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Could you hold line? We are awfully busy..

In a fight between a Zebra and Clayton Blackmore who would win? The answer to this question and many more will follow.....

So yeah, Esmeraldo in Oslo for music day. Amazing. Incredible. Fufudedeo. The show at Fugazi went better than we had all expected, the place was packed and the sound was great. The other bands that played were awesome, we really enjoyed Ila Auto and Hiawata in particular, check them out....

Considering how hard we had worked in order to get ourselves ready for Oslo Musikkfest, you might think that a bit of a rest would be on the cards after the show was done and suitably dusted, well you would be wrong. Casa Murilo never sleeps Mr. Blackmore, you know that.

On Monday we met with our good friend and music management supremo Maren Blomstereng Berget. She is now the manager of Oslo´s hottest new band (Casa Murilo).

On Tuesday we spent some quality time with Sindre Edland-Gryt, who is now Casa Murilo´s chief graphic designer. We spent two or three hours throwing ideas at each other amidst the delightful 30´s style decor of La Boheme and thus began the process of the Casa Murilo band logo.

On Wednesday we got together with Maren again and the four of us put together a solid plan for the next few months, we are going to be very busy little boys.

On Thursday we allowed ourselves to have a day off, it was great to be able to stretch out on the sofa and do nothing but eat Wotsits watch Wesley Snipes films, how many Oscars did Passenger 57 win?

By this point we had booked ourselves into the studio on Sunday so we had a fair bit of preparation to do. Friday night was spent doing just that, listening to our music, the music of other bands and generally working out exactly what we wanted to achieve. As soon as we were set on the plan for Sunday a more pressing matter reared its beautiful head in the shape of HRH Bård Watn . We were due to appear as (special) guests on stage with Bård during his set at the Latin American Solidarity festival on MS Innvik in Oslo, we needed to practice.....

The rehearsal at Bård´s place went well and so, at 3pm on Saturday 13th June, we were inside a small auditorium onboard a very large boat that was sitting next to the Oslo Opera house in glorious sunshine. As always Mr. Watn put on a fantastic show and had the 150 strong crowd laughing, dancing and at points, sitting in absolute silence with mouths ajar. We played two songs during our appearance, `Bendit´ and `In the Park´. People danced and clapped along and we left the irrepressible Watn to do his thing. Job done.

So, 8:45 Sunday morning we were outside the gates of Oslo´s Jewish museum waiting for the receptionist of the gay sauna to buzz us up to the studio. You couldn´t make it up. Freddy arrived soon after looking suspiciously flustered and proceeded to record all of his drums in a pounding 50 minutes, then he went to build a patio in the woods. We then set about the rather daunting task ahead of us and didn´t let up until midnight. We had some amazing help along the way from Kai Christoffersen (Bass) and Håkon Molller (Keys) and Håkon will now be joining the band to help out with some live shows and some more studio sessions.

Despite extreme tiredness and the effects of a bottle of Grants we pretty much skipped home, more than happy with our days work.

And here we are now, Thursday. Today we are going back to the studio to mix and master the weekends work, as soon as we have it ready you can find it here .

On Friday we are practicing for next week´s gig at Fugazi where we are supporting Martin Hagfors & Lars Horntveth and then we are off to Dublin for a date with Springsteen. Upon our return we have a week until we head to Molde for Feriefestivalen.

Casa Murilo never sleeps Mr. Blackmore, you know that.....

Friday, June 5, 2009

Huge Things

Tomorrow is Oslo Music Day. Obviously we are very excited about it - we´ve recruited a bass player, Rudi, we´ve been practicing, arranging, writing etc and up until tonight everything was going swimmingly.

Then something totally unexpected and ridiculous happened.

Those of you who´ve been reading the blog will know that the songs we´ve been writing over the last 6 months tell the story of our time in Brazil. It was an incredible experience to live and work there. To have all the privileges of the big flat and the money, the great friends and the ridiculous awesomeness of everything that goes with that.

We got a message this afternoon from Esmeraldo Rodrigues. Ezzy was as important as anyone in making that time what it was and we consider him a brother. He is flying in to Oslo tomorrow morning with his wonderful wife Rita and staying until Tuesday. Just to make things extra special Chris´s Mum and Dad are already here. Wonderful.

Somehow my nerves have vapourised. Ezzy being here just blows the importance of everything else away. It´s a stunning development. I haven´t seen Ezzy since my last night in Brazil when he gave me, Chris, Astri and Murilo the keys to his Pizzeria for the 2nd leg of the Manchester United vs. Barcelona Champions League semi final in May 2008. He´s a kind, decent, generous and absolutely mental man. He features in many of our songs. We can´t wait to see him.

Big love, friends. Tomorrow should go excellently. I have a feeling.