Sunday, May 23, 2010

Gig @ Garage Monday 24th May


How´s it going? Summer is here and building an impressive innings. Things are good, as usual.

First off, gig tomorrow at Garage, on stage 21.00 ish. Kom igjen og bli med, folkens. We are looking forward. The usual Casa Murilo prize of a bag of smash goes to anyone who can spot the changes we´ve made to "Button Up". And yes, it is a real prize. No one in the band is allowed to enter the competition, I promise. Event HERE

I don´t know if I´ve announced this to the world yet but we are making a record, an album, with a proper record company. I know, I know. Awesome. We´re doing the album in two sessions, one in May and one in August. The first session is now done, actually. It went really well and we´re predictably excited by the results. We´re now writing new material which is exciting and cool and doesnt make us feel under pressure. I, for one, welcome the responsibility of producing really good songs from thin air. It´s fine, actually. Our group therapist has suggested going paintballing which sounds like a good laugh.

There´ll be much more on the record making stuff over summer, don´t you worry. We´re really happy to be doing this and we feel we´ve come a long way pretty quickly. Making a "proper" record is a good place to be.

Now go outside, it´s sunny.